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Brand Build: 9917™ an Andrea Nicole Brand

TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt is in brand build mode. As we “simply build branding and business,” we do so by leveraging our core offerings; Assets, Audience and Activation. TAMM focus is partnering with entities willing to grow their brand advocacy and sales through immersive customer experiences delivered via strategic properties. TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt [TAMM], management division facilitates strategic collaboration among small businesses and independent artists. TAMM has coined the genre “esteem building art and entertainment” under the RewindOutloud brand. Two core programs within the management division that allow TAMM to best serve artists, businesses and communities are IMPACC Now™, the brand build and PR Releasing program for independent artists and The Master Griot Project™, a creative marketing initiative to build a viable industry for spoken word. The management division also oversees the creative programming for the Urban Tech Fair’s Beat ‘n Code

Welcome, Phenomenal One, to TAMM Group Coaching

Welcome, Phenomenal One!  Thank you for allowing me to be your marketing guide for this moment in time.   Be prepared to work. The work isn't hard, but we are working at being consistent. So, sacrifice the time now and you will reap the benefits down the line. We use the AGASW framework to establish our marketing flow. Click the player below to learn more detail about TAMM's Group Coaching and Starting Sunday Marketing Exercise Series. Now, back to the UNITS section in the group ! Post and share what you think