Brand Build: 9917™ an Andrea Nicole Brand

TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt is in brand build mode. As we “simply build branding and business,” we do so by leveraging our core offerings; Assets, Audience and Activation. TAMM focus is partnering with entities willing to grow their brand advocacy and sales through immersive customer experiences delivered via strategic properties.

TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt [TAMM], management division facilitates strategic collaboration among small businesses and independent artists. TAMM has coined the genre “esteem building art and entertainment” under the RewindOutloud brand. Two core programs within the management division that allow TAMM to best serve artists, businesses and communities are IMPACC Now™, the brand build and PR Releasing program for independent artists and The Master Griot Project™, a creative marketing initiative to build a viable industry for spoken word. The management division also oversees the creative programming for the Urban Tech Fair’s Beat ‘n Code and The Other Side of Hip Hop™.

TAMM generally engages established artists and properties with loyal regional followings.This year, 2017, we’ve done a first in taking on a new artist, meaning a client that is just beginning her journey as a proclaimed artist. Andrea “Coley” Williams has twenty years of written poetry that had never been shared until 2017. As she begins her artist development as a spoken word artist, she is building her artistic business. We ask you to journey with TAMM and Andrea Nicole Williams as we support her in building her artistry, brand and business. Since, Nicole, has so much written work the first product for development will be a book of poetry. As we work on the book, she will work on gaining experience sharing her work as spoken word, developing her rhythm, voice and style within this genre.

9917™ brand samples within image of Andrea Williams second spoken word performance in North Caroline - brand build by TaylorAdams Marketing and MgMt
Andrea's second spoken word performance at open mic in NC
 9917™ represents growth and transition in the life of Andrea “Coley” Williams. Her unfolding, her metamorphosis is understanding, moving and growing in her truth that she is and has always been an artist. An artist is a messenger with a unique delivery. Art doesn’t become art until it communicates. Her assignment, start communicating - deliver the message and openly listen. Engage the give and get and get and give of her poetry.

Today, let’s begin the technical revelation of her brand. She delivered 9917™, now as her brand development partner, we begin building a visual representation. This brand image must vibrate Coley’s voice as an artist, align with her developing brandstory while being clear and clean so it may be used within multiple formats.

Which font style do you like best? Share your top 3 in the comments. (Note: the font style is only the base of the visual brand representation)

a. 9917 – cinema gothic inline

b. 9917 – chiller

c. 9917 – debute

d. 9917 – cavier dreams

e. 9917 – gobold high

f. 9917 * gota

g. 9917 * great vibes 

h. 9917 * homestead inline

i. 9917 * homestead display

j. 9917 * klinic slab bold

k. 9917 * diesel

l. 9917 * industrial736

m. 9917 * lato

n. 9917* leckerliOne 

o. 9917* lucca

p. 9917 * prisoner sf

q. 9917 * moksha

r. 9917 * ptbarnum

s. 9917 * onyx

t. 9917 * perspect

u. 9917 * platinum beat btn

v. 9917 * sneakerhead

w. 9917 * star avenue

x. 9917 * steelfish outline

y. 9917 * stencil

z. 9917 * the Sofy

bb. 9917 * sunday monday

copyright (c) 2017 Andrea “Coley” Williams. All Rights Reserved. Design by TaylorAdams Marketing & MgMt.


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