Graphic Design Trends in 2018

Our post today comes straight from Jacob Cobb, Founder of Just™ Creative.
"Visual contrast dominates the digital landscape and designers seek clarity and distinction, both subtle and bold in 2018." -Jacob Cobb 

Top Graphic Design Trends:

  • Responsive Logos 

The modern logo has to work harder than ever before. Today’s logos have to work with a growing plethora of smart devices with varying screen sizes and resolutions. Often logos end up suffering within responsive website design. Many have not been designed with responsive frameworks and variable sizes in mind, and are just resized to fit whatever available space has been provided for them or not. (see responsive logo guide & logo design trends)

  • Split Page Design

As an evolution of the now-stale hero image concept, split design juxtaposes contrasting elements for a striking effect that shows multiplicity. We embrace this fresh change for its great design and usefulness.

  • Isometric Design

Making a strong comeback, Isometric design, Isometric projection is a method for visually representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions.

  • Intersecting Elements

A version of bold typography that intersects with shapes and graphics giving a strong visual that plays with perspective and shows confidence.
Bold typography that intersects with shapes and graphics. It’s a strong visual that plays with perspective and shows confidence.

  • Duotone & Double Exposure

The duotone look, a recent favorite across many design mediums, reached mass exposure via Spotify and their playlist images. Since duotone's rise to prominence, further iterations that layer the effect with double exposure are being seen.

  • Retro-modern illustrations

This trend combines the sleek lines of modern vectors with throw-back color palettes. Modern illustrations with retro-respect: the best of both worlds.

  • Creative Background Patterns

There's a resurgence of patterned backgrounds. Think of it like the grown-up version of the tiled backgrounds you may have used to trick out your very first online profile. These are often whimsical icons or custom illustrations that take the design to a personal level.
  • Bright Gradients

A continuing trend that made a strong comeback in 2017 is now diversifying. Designers are having fun experimenting with gradient innovations using bright colors and a variety of textures.

  • Thoughtful Animations

Online animations have come a long way since banner ads circa 1999 that aggressively flashed “Click Me!” Animations can be thoughtful movements built with intention, created to delight and signal interaction. We’re big fans and hope they won’t become overdone.
  • Extra Depth (with semi-flat design)

  • 80s & 90s Color Palettes & Patterns

  • Animated Logos

  • Cinemagraphs & GIFs

  • Custom graphics & illustration

  • Authentic photography

  • Detailed vintage


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